Do you


Lexile level?

Do you


Lexile level?

What is a Lexile level?

The Lexile level is the most widely adopted reading measure in the world today. There are two Lexile measures: the Lexile reader measure and the Lexile text measure:

  • Lexile reader measure - represents a person’s reading ability on the Lexile scale.

  • Lexile text measure - represents a book's reading difficulty on the Lexile scale.

When used together, these two measures – a student’s Lexile reader measure and a book’s Lexile text measure – can help match a reader with reading material that is at an appropriate difficulty, or help give an idea of how well a reader will comprehend a text. The Lexile reader measure can also be used to monitor a reader's growth in reading ability over time. Lexile measures help readers grow, and helps parents and teachers know.

Research shows that the typical college textbook has a Lexile level of 1,300L. This is why successfully pursuing a postsecondary education requires a Lexile level 1,000L or more. Students pursuing an occupation that does not require a college degree still need a 900L or more.


Take a look at the required Lexile levels for these professionals: 

The Princeton School provides online instructions to students to raise Lexile scores. We use Achieve3000, the premier online program that has been proven to be very successful with students, including special education students and students who are D/HH. Take a look at what Achieve3000 is all about.

The Princeton School Presents ACHIEVE3000

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